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KMVS Kool Max Poncho Vest Cooling Kit

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Kool Max® Poncho Vest Kit (#KMVS) includes:
Kool Max® Poncho Vest (#KMV)
Uses ten (10) 4.5" x 6" Kool Max™ Packs
Kool Max® Cooling Neck Wrap (#KMNC)*
Uses three (3) 3" x 9" Kool Max™ Packs
Pair of Kool Max® Wrist Wraps (#KMW Pair Set)
Each wrap uses one (1) 3" x 6" Kool Max™ Pack
A complete extra set of Kool Max™ Packs for each product! Keep the extra set in the freezer or a cooler, so they are ready when you are.