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Hawks & Other Bird Mascot Costumes

Bird mascots are a rather popular choice for spreading spirit on the sidelines at sporting events. Hawks, eagles and falcons are just a few of the feathered friends who stir up the crowds on the home team side and ruffle the feathers of the opposition. Fortunately, we can provide most any team with their own winged wonder.

The Arizona Cardinals have a cardinal, the Atlanta Falcons have a falcon and the Philadelphia Eagles have an eagle. Well, pretty much any team has the ability to have their feathered mascot represented on the sidelines of any sporting event, or front and center at a pep rally. We specialize in team mascots, including bird mascots. If a team needs a fierce, funny or friendly eagle, this retailer can handle that. A majestic, regal or happy hawk is no problem. Any combination of a wide range of hues will further help to make a team's mascot uniquely theirs. Cardinals and blue jays are ready to roll and will arrive in about two weeks, with this retailer. If a team is in a rush, then that bird can be there in about a week.

Seagulls, pelicans, peacocks and toucans are well within reach for teams in need of such bird mascots. Parrots, flamingos, cranes and hummingbirds will be able to stir up the enthusiasm for any sports team. Puffins, penguins, owls and roadrunners can liven up the spectators at the sporting event of their choice. Of course, any other call for a mascot costume does not have to go without. Durable, detailed bird mascots are available for purchase, by anyone who needs one to drum up business or have a little fun. These team mascot costumes offer the proper range of mobility for flapping, dancing and fluttering.

That ostrich, buzzard, dodo or penguin will be able to strut with bird feet or whatever mascot sized footwear the team design displays. The options are many. If bird mascots need to squawk to motivate the crowds, then there is a voice distorting, headset set up for just that purpose. A team will be able to see their pink pigeon or green chicken dance about at every game, with these team mascot costumes designed with game day in mind. A vulture, raven or robin is able to perch on bench, ready to "fly" into action for the delight of the fans.

The purchase of a quality, mascot costume from this retailer comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, refund policy. If that does not display confidence in the quality of their bird costumes, then perhaps the fact that many NBA teams rely on them for mascots does. Bird mascots are now able to appear at any given game, business, or special event.

Model: Black Bird Raven 42064
Perfect for cheerleading! Crow Mascot Costume 42064 is part of our Polyfoam line. The head is constructed out of molded foam and latex for superior detail and durability.The head is constructed with a screened vision panel, comfort ventilation panels, and a built-in cooling fan. ..
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