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Domestic Cats and Big Cats

Big cats are popular choices for representing that ferocious, team spirit. For proper representation on the sidelines, a quality, team mascot costume is a must. That is why the right choice is from a manufacturer who insures the craftsmanship of a wildcat mascot costume, made in the USA. A 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee is not a common offer on anything, much less something as used as a team mascot costume. That is a sign of a retailer who is confident that the product offered is, indeed, meant to satisfy the client's needs.

The great thing about big cats as a mascot is, that there are so many from which to choose. Lions, tigers and panthers, oh my! Even once the choice of the cat in question is locked in, the style of the feline is then up for grabs. We provide enough choices to be able to make most any cat mascot dreams come true. What if a team needs a black panther represented on the sidelines? The Carolina Panthers have Sir Purr, another team will need something else.

We are able to offer different vibes of panthers, such as fierce, funny, realistic, or baby. What if a team needs a purple panther? The right manufacturer can take care of that, as well. One team mascot does not have to look like another. The only difference does not have to be the uniform or outfit worn by the big cats. We offer variety and personality for your school mascot.

Big cats and sports teams are a classic blend. The Cincinnati Bengals, naturally have a mascot, who reflects the team name. The same is true of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well, with the right, online retailer, any team can have the jaguar, tiger or lion to bring out the crowd's team spirit. A purveyor of quality, pays great attention to the details of the large lions and tremendous tigers it crafts. The spots and dots on a cheetah, leopard, or lion mascot costume are pleasing to the eye, when a good mascot designer gets a hold of that coat.

There will also be the proper range of mobility so the mascot big cats are able to pounce, leap and strut, while they inspire the crowds to roar for their teams. There is also no need to worry about a muscle bound lion looking limp. We also have all the under gear to keep the costume wearer cool and on the move, instead of passed out in the corner during the big game. If the big cats need to roar, there is a wearable system for very purpose of having a vocal mascot. There is no need to have a team without a mascot on the sidelines,especially when we are able to fulfill that spirit building need.