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You’ve worked hard to raise money for a mascot costume – make sure you protect it when travelling to events or away games.  We offer a variety of mascot cases and mascot totes that can be used to protect your investment.  

Model: A040-Mascot-Duffle
Head portion is 23" in diameter and 18" in height, Body storage portion is 23" in diameter and 18" in height..
Model: A100-Large-Carry-Case
Large Mascot Carrying Case 32x22x20..
Model: A101-Medium-Carry-Case
Medium Carrying Case 24x22x20..
Model: A102-Small-Carry-Case
Small Carrying Case 20x20x20..
Model: A103 Extra Large Carry Case
A103 Extra Large Carry Case..
Model: A201F-Small-Mascot-Tote
Small Mascot Tote Bag dimensions are 32x22x20..
Model: A201L-Large-Mascot-Tote
Large Tote Bag dimensions are 44x24x24..
Model: A2031
Keep your mascot costume safe and secure with this Deluxe Mascot Tote ..
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