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Reptile, Frog, Dinosaur & Dragon Mascot Costumes

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Box Turtle Mascot Costume T0206 is part of our Thermo-Lite line. The head is constructed out of..
Reptile, Frog, Dinosaur & Dragon Mascot Costumes

Team-Mascots has the BEST selection of reptile mascot costumes in the industry.  It is important to have your dragon mascot costume reflect your school colors which is no problem here.  We can cater to your needs make these mascot costumes in just about any standard color and usually for no extra charge.  Do you need a dinosaur mascot costume or a Gator mascot costume?  You have come to the right place because we make these too!  With our fast two week production time we can have your mascot ready to go put the fear into your competition!