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All of our 1337-Z Willy Wolf mascot costumes are made in the USA and with the highest quality materi..
High School Mascot Costumes

Costumes aren't just for kids or the Halloween. The demand of mascot costumes is growing, especially in high school events.  Colleges and schools are using mascots to build up morale in the game or to add some fun to an event.

If you are looking for school mascot costumes that will represent the die-hard spirit of your school, you have come to the right place.  We provide a wide range of high school mascot costumes that exceed in terms of quality & durability.  Pump up the spirit of school event with the fun and furry mascot costumes. A mascot is the symbol of a school and we think that you should show off your mascot with pride.  Just click on one of the categories on the left to pick your schools mascot costume.

All of our costumes are made in the USA with a quality that is far superior to the cheap, imported mascot costumes you can find.  Shown below is a sampling of the most popular mascot suits in the large selection of school mascot costumes you can choose from.  

 You can browse through our selection on the categories listed on the left.  You can browse through thousands of mascot costumes & you are sure to find the perfect mascot costume for your school!