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Catch new exciting inflatable mascots for summers.

The most difficult time for mascot performers is summers when they have to wear that heavy fur for hours besides the exhaustive body moves. Although there are cooling jackets, vests and portable fans are available to keep the inside temperature stable still the battery and cooling packs fail to comfort for longer duration. Therefore now mascot costume manufacturers have brought in inflatable mascot costumes that are light weight, easy to handle and provide adequate ventilation besides accommodating bigger and powerful cooling gadgets.

The inflatable costumes are as light in weight as a swimming pool float. The entire weight and balance of mascot costume is placed on waist and shoulders to facilitate easy body movements. For ventilation a small fan is tied on waist inside the costume that keeps the temperature normal all the time. Nonetheless the inflatable mascot costumes are an economical option for everybody as you need not to wear extra accessories like cooling jackets, cooling bags or cooling collars beneath them. As per usability too, the inflatable mascots are of unmatched quality as the person needs to only wear it and fill it with cool air. Due to all the beneficial features, the inflatable mascot costumes are the best option for giant size mascots.

“Team-mascots” is the only place where you can get these new revolutionary inflatable mascot costumes at retail prices. Visit to view and order the newly launched inflatable mascot costumes.

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How inflatable mascot costumes are better than fabric based mascots?

The inflatable mascots are actually air filled huge characters that are tied on the roofs of factories or shopping malls to keep floating in air. Generally such mascots are used during festive seasons or for promotion of newly launched products. Inflatable mascot costumes on the other hand are worn by a person and are filled with air to feature them giant in size. These inflatable costumes are light in weight in comparison to heavy mascot costumes made from mask, fabric and fur. To handle their huge size manufacturers attach Velcro straps inside the costume to be worn on shoulders and waist. The Velcro straps and lighter weight of inflatable costumes make them perfect choice for a performing mascot that can walk, shake hands, dance and can jump in air with help of ropes.

Fabric based mascots are although made for performance but the added weight of cooling kits and cooling bags make the costume too heavy for the stunts and jumps. An inflatable mascot can flip into air with help of ropes but fabric made costume always places a fear of mask slipping off from head. Inflatable mascot costumes are made from rubber or plastic materials that are recyclable and quite inexpensive to replace every year. On the other hand, fabric made mascot costumes need intensive care and dry cleaning before and after use.

The fur and soft fabric easily catches odour of silt and dust during long term storage. Market also offers fabric based mascot costumes that are light weight, durable and allow maximum flexibility for twisted movements but that are often very expensive. For teams who can not afford these expensive mascot costumes find inflatable costumes as highly economical. has just added new inflatable mascot costumes with new characters and best quality at affordable prices. Visit to view and order from latest mascot costumes and feel free to negotiate pricing.

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