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Where to Eearch for the Best Mascot Costumes

Have you being searching for long time, your child favorite mascot costumes for annual school function? Is your child demand for their favorite mascot costumes this birthday?

Mascot Costumes

Are you an event organizer and looking forward for store that could; help you to collect different mascot costumes? So not to wait any more as your search is about to over from now onwards, as you can now able to come up with your different mascot costumes just by few click on your laptops or pcs. As team mascot are there for you to bring you all latest collection of mascot costumes of various animals, cartoon characters and children superheroes.

Team mascots are the leading producers of various mascot costumes who have specialized in fulfilling the requirements of costumes by various high schools and colleges all across the UK. So, this time you can bring special smile on your child face by providing a whole new variety of mascot costumes which they could choose for themself. Moreover if you are planning to give a secret surprise appearance then you too can search for yourself from the provided list.

Team mascots are professional experts while preparing mascot costumes and that can be proved by the quality of work that they wish to provide each time to satisfy their customers demand. For this reason you can also give your own requirements for what all measurement, size and shape mascot costumes you are expecting. This will help you get the perfect fitting outfits, which has its own grace at time when is put on by someone.

Moreover, many companies try to design costume of average size that could fit to almost everyone that is not at all possible and thereby making mistake of adjusting proper place for vision. As it’s very important for person to watch before walking therefore a number of case has being compliant that turn into serious accident due to lesser visibility. For this reason team mascots tries to come up with their special techniques that increase the way of visibility.

I hope this short brief would be enough to quickly place an order for a lovely mascot costumes for your children. Even this time you can also come up with all new ideas for your locality or organization function with these mascot costumes, as there is no age limit for fun and enjoyment.


Tiger Mascot Costumes

Does your school need a tiger mascot costume? Let’s make this short & simple. If you want a mascot costume made in the USA with guaranteed lowest prices, call us to order or order online.

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

Tiger Mascot Costumes have been the most popular since the inception of concept.


Since the times of yore animals have enthroned the arena of mascot costumes. Tiger for specifically being the symbol of power and leadership has always been every team’s favorite. In fact Olympics too have chosen animated tiger as the mascot that danced on the bottom of screen during live telecast on sports channels.  The popularity of tiger mascot can be judged from the fact that tiger costumes offer biggest range in comparison to other mascot characters including cartoon characters and famous personalities. Every team craves for making tiger their mascot but as all the teams can not have the same mascot therefore manufacturers design different characters of tigers to infuse variety in the category.

The new age tiger mascot costumes are not restrained to realistic tiger only rather now popular lion or tiger characters of movies and animation series are also being used for mascot costumes. Big cat lion, Toby tiger, Super Lion, Louie Lion are just a few examples. Similarly there are more than hundred characters available for tiger mascot costumes.

Team-Mascots the online gallery housing around 500 different kinds of mascot costumes is offering hundred plus types of tiger costumes. The company also sells leopard, cheetahs, Jaguar, panthers, cougars, wildcats and lion mascot costumes too in the same category. The wide range has been segmented into different sections to facilitate decision making for you. Nonetheless Team-Mascots offers authentic US made mascot costumes at guaranteed lowest prices in the market. Visit to view and order tiger mascots.

Add Energy to your Games with MASCOT COSTUMES!

bulldog mascot costume


Many events, usually sports, have mascots that are full of energy and enthusiasm.  They get the crowd excited, which gets the team into the game.  They have the ability to bring more fun and joy to a game than cheerleaders do and, even if a person is not into the game, every person gets into what is happening when there is a mascot.  Of course, mascot costumes do not simply appear out of nowhere, schools and teams must buy them.  Sites like Team-Mascots exist to give those looking for costumes a choice.  There are many available on the site, and in many different forms, so every school and team can find something that is fitting for them.

Having the mascot stand out, and in a way that people will like, is what gets people more interested in a game.  Mascots like the Phillie Phanatic are perfect examples of what a mascot is and, really, should be.  They bring so much to a game and are remembered and loved for it all for years to come.  The Phillie Phanatic is one of the most recognizable mascots there is.  Even if a person is not interested in sports in the least, there is a high chance they have heard of him.  He has been on several television shows, has been talked about just about everywhere, and is even named the best mascot by more than one publication.  Those looking to be mascots will usually use him as a guide, sort of a “how to” on getting the crowd into the game.  While there are many mascots out there, he is one that people connect to in several different ways, which is what makes him such a unique and lovable mascot.  Some people may recognize the Phanatic from The Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, and several other well-known and popular television shows.  So many do enjoy the mascot costumes and their intriguing appearances, but the Phanatic proves that the person underneath can make everything in a game.  Of course, it takes a lot of effort and time to be like the Phanatic.

After you have the mascot costumes ready for the person, they need to embody everything the character is supposed to be.   No matter what it is that specific character does, the person in the costume must know how to act that way, plus so much more.  No mascot can do their job without the right costume.  When people see a mascot, they want somebody who looks like what they are supposed to be, not a regular man or woman.

The quality and appearance matter when buying a costume because, otherwise, you are left with something cheap, messy, and boring, which no one wants to see.  Getting a crowd into the game, excited, and ready for more requires a mascot capable of doing their job.  The number one thing for a good mascot is a good costume.  Mascot costumes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, so getting the right one is necessary. Team-Mascots can help any school or teamget their own mascot into shape with the right costume.

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New Linus Lion Mascot Costume

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

Inflatable costumes are the better messengers for corporate marketing.

Inflatable mascots have although entered into market before the fur mascots but recently they have taken over the market of fabric based mascot costumes due to better appearance, performance and utility.  The inflatable mascot costumes are huge in size and person of any height can wear them and perform. Nonetheless, inflatable mascot costumes provide wider space for support equipments like fans, cooling kits, cooling vests, megaphones or disguise voice gadgets. Such mascot costumes are ideal for corporate marketing or for promotion of products for facilitating greater interactivity and impactful appeal to customers. 

                                       Inflatable mascot costumes are big in size and are quite cost effective in matter of materials in comparison to the mascot costumes made from fur. The inflatable costumes are absolutely dependable in matter of utility as these are lighter in weight and easy to carry as the entire weight of the costume is imposed on shoulders only. For the characters that need to be displayed as giant, for example bottles, of products, big bags or huge dinosaurs, the inflatable costumes are the best option. The best feature of inflatable mascot costumes is that you can keep them of any size you require. Secondly even if you place special order still these can come at pocket friendly price.

                                          Recently “Team-Mascots” has added new fabulous inflatable mascot costumes for the purpose of corporate marketing and the company is offering them at lowest pieces in the market. Check them out live at

Inflatable Mascots enhancing fun factor of mascot performances.

In recent times, inflatable mascot costumes have came back into fashion. The reasons are many like affordability, utility and variety available. The best feature of inflatable mascot costumes is that it is easy to perform while wearing inflatable costumes in comparison to the fur based costumes. Moreover these are best for long duration performances for being light weight and for providing adequate ventilation to the person inside.

                                   The inflatable costumes are actually made from polythene kind of material and are filled with air after wearing them. The performances, in which mascots have to walk a lot, shake hands with people and have to do light dance steps, the inflatable costumes are best utilitarian costumes. Therefore the inflatable mascot costumes are most used for fun filled performances where the mascot has to interact a lot and has to personally interact with every single person.

                                  Sometimes the mascots use disguise voice gadgets and megaphones inside the mascot costumes that helps them in creating sound effects and enables them to crack jokes to entertain audience. Most of the times such inflatable mascot costumes are used in shopping malls, children’s parties, fun parks and amusement parks to entertain children.

                                  At Team Mascots, one can see huge variety of inflatable mascot costumes meant for both fun filled corporate marketing and for entertainment purpose. The company deals in authentic US made mascot costumes and provides them at retail prices. Right now the company is promising guaranteed lowest prices of mascot costumes in the market. Visit to view the most recently added inflatable mascot costumes in the gallery.

How inflatable mascot costumes are better than fabric based mascots?

The inflatable mascots are actually air filled huge characters that are tied on the roofs of factories or shopping malls to keep floating in air. Generally such mascots are used during festive seasons or for promotion of newly launched products. Inflatable mascot costumes on the other hand are worn by a person and are filled with air to feature them giant in size. These inflatable costumes are light in weight in comparison to heavy mascot costumes made from mask, fabric and fur. To handle their huge size manufacturers attach Velcro straps inside the costume to be worn on shoulders and waist. The Velcro straps and lighter weight of inflatable costumes make them perfect choice for a performing mascot that can walk, shake hands, dance and can jump in air with help of ropes.

Fabric based mascots are although made for performance but the added weight of cooling kits and cooling bags make the costume too heavy for the stunts and jumps. An inflatable mascot can flip into air with help of ropes but fabric made costume always places a fear of mask slipping off from head. Inflatable mascot costumes are made from rubber or plastic materials that are recyclable and quite inexpensive to replace every year. On the other hand, fabric made mascot costumes need intensive care and dry cleaning before and after use.

The fur and soft fabric easily catches odour of silt and dust during long term storage. Market also offers fabric based mascot costumes that are light weight, durable and allow maximum flexibility for twisted movements but that are often very expensive. For teams who can not afford these expensive mascot costumes find inflatable costumes as highly economical. has just added new inflatable mascot costumes with new characters and best quality at affordable prices. Visit to view and order from latest mascot costumes and feel free to negotiate pricing.