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Mascots are longstanding tradition. Famous mascots such as the Pirate Parrot, San Diego Chicken, and Philly Phanatic have entertained their respective teams’ fans for decades. Outside the world of sports, many companies have chosen mascots to promote awareness of their brands. Famous corporate mascots are often talking animals such as geckos, Chihuahuas, or frogs. Those mascots are often so recognizable at the peak of their popularity that viewers immediately know the brand when they see the mascot. Smaller local and regional businesses also use mascots. Mr. Bingle was well known to New Orleanians when he represented the old Maison Blanche department store.

Mascots can come in many forms. There are live mascots like LSU’s Mike the Tiger, cartoon mascots like the Tony the Tiger, and costumed mascots like the aforementioned baseball mascots or the Good Neighbear. With modern technology, mascots can even be fully computer generated. Mascots can serve just about any entity from a sports team to a high school to a large or small business or a civic organization. The mascot does not even need to match the rest of the brand. The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide teams are represented by an elephant. The Ole Miss Rebels are represented by a black bear, an animal that does not even live in Mississippi.

The right type of mascot depends on the goals of the business, school, or organization employing it. If public appearances are included in the mascot’s duties, a costumed mascot is ideal. Using a costumed mascot, of course, requires a costume. However, finding mascot costumes is not a simple matter of going to a retail store or even a costume shop. Most costumes sold to the public are made from cheap materials because consumers do not intend to use them more than once or twice. Mascot costumes, on the other hand, need to be durable because they are intended for long-term use.

One source for mascot costumes is This site has a large selection of mascot costumes ranging from common team mascots like tigers, bears, and eagles to unusual ones like dinosaurs and dill pickles. High school mascot costumes would be the most prevalent. These would be used for pep rallies and football and basketball games and would need to last for at least a few years. Other mascot costumes are less intimidating but would be well suited for businesses related to children, such as a pediatrician’s office. The food-related mascot costumes, like the hot dog or the sandwich, would be ideal for a restaurant. The mascot could be sent to a busy street corner during rush hour to draw attention to its dining establishment.

Websites such as are often the best way to buy a costume. Because mascot costumes are generally oversized, they will fit just about any actor, so there is no need to try them on before buying. Mascot costumes are also a relatively specialized market; generally speaking, individuals wouldn’t need a mascot costume or be willing to pay the higher price. This means mascot costumes are often difficult to find at an on-site location, making it a better option to order from a Web site.

Pick the Best Animal mascot costume For You


In today’s modern era, this world seems to be simply unimaginable, rendering this planet of earth to be no less than a fantasy world.  Mascots are no longer limited to Halloween.  Rather mascots are known to have their own craze, be it a young child or a so called ‘grown up’ adult. The idea of mascot is immensely apt to a variety of events, varying from school parties, parades, sports events, or a mere entertaining character, left in the open to roam for public amusement.

Amongst an assortment of mascots, animal mascots have managed to gain vast popularity. This wide range of selection of animal mascot costumes includes cartoon mascots like daisy duck, Mickey Mouse, frog, dog, gorilla, turkey, geese, duck, buffalo, deer, dinosaur, dragon, panda, snow beast, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, bear, penguin and many more…

It is mascot costumes that can make someone feel as if he/she is living a much larger life. A furry animal mascot can do wonders, where an intended onlooker along with each passer-by, receives a kind of comical signal that is bound to tickle their lighter vein.

These mascot costumes are available in a range of colours, sizes and designs, including the two- piece costume as well as a single jumpsuit costume. Interacting with kids with the help of this prevailing ‘mascot concept’ is simply enough in winning a child’s positive attention.

Having a mascot themed party can be much more entertaining and thrilling than expected. In the latest trends, mascots are being identified as a symbol of various institutions too. Animal Mascot costumes are available at a number of online stores as well, which itself speaks of their popularity and attractiveness.So for those of you who were in a fix and couldn’t decide on a theme for your upcoming party bash, here’s it!

Food Mascot Costumes At Affordable Prices


Mascots are known to send out vibes of zeal, energy, passion and craze.  No longer are we to choose from a boring, cheap mascot costume range that lacks flair.  Today’s mascots are made not only trendy but also exciting and long lasting.  There is a complete mascot costume range available both in online as well as offline markets. They comprise of high quality, water-repellant fabric, with the bodies sewn, tailored and totally lined to lend a professional look.

Fruits and vegetables mascots are an excellent way to communicate with the kids, as they are able to correlate with these food items.  Custom made mascot costumes are also an option for all of us. It is a superb option to choose for your organization, as it would be something that you will always enjoy and can also boast of, or all times to come.

There is an entire range of food mascot costumes, comprising of tomato, chili, banana, corncob, apple, mango, watermelon, orange, pineapple, sandwich, potato, pumpkin, lime and many more!

Just imagine you are in ‘not so high’ spirits for some reason, and suddenly you acknowledge your favorite food items walking around you…how much fun it would be!  It will bring a smile to your face.  Or if you are stuck in a slow and a dull sports match, and there is an unexpected parade of food (pizza, chocolate cake, watermelon, and what not) mascot characters all around…I wonder if you can control your tummy’s hunger pangs.

Also the person who wears the mascot costume needs to embody everything associated with the character. Undoubtedly, mascots are an interesting and an effective way altogether to capture each one’s attention in a crowd and getting them involved.

Fantastic Professional Mascot Costumes at Low Competitive Prices



Are you looking for the best professional mascot costumes at low, competitive prices?  Our company has years of experience providing some of the best professional mascot costumes to schools all across the US.  We offer a wide selection of mascot costumes in our catalog and can create customized works in our factory.  Let us show what we can do for your school by providing affordable, high quality mascot costumes.

We start by providing a wide range of professional mascot costumes in stock, featuring some of the most popular school mascots that match most schools in the US.  We keep a line of professional mascot costumes in stock for the purpose of handling many last minute orders.  Our stock mascot costumes are crafted from highly durable fabrics and materials and for schools making orders just in time for the fall season we can quickly add the appropriate school colors and lettering, then ship the final product out to your school very quickly.

If you have a little more time and have ideas for something special, we can create customized professional mascot costumes as well.  This is especially good for schools with mascots that we don’t have in stock or if you need a special touch to make your mascot unique.  Our design services are very consumer friendly as we work with you to craft the right mascot costume.  We keep in touch with you during the progress of creating your costume and we pride ourselves on listening to insure that you get what you want.

The fabrics we use are of high quality and quite breathable as well, this means that the student who is wearing the costume will be comfortable under most conditions.  While we do not recommend wearing the costumes in the rain or snow, a short exposure to a sudden downpour will not permanently damage the fabrics in the costume, allowing the wearer enough time to make it to shelter.

The materials within the fabrics used to create the professional mascot costumes are light and very strong, keeping their form for year after year.  The durability of the materials means that you only need light maintenance to keep the costume clean and ready for use.  Proper care will have your mascot costume looking just as fresh and bright as the day it was delivered.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our professional mascot costumes or perhaps in having one custom made, please contact our friendly, courteous customer service staff who will answer all of your questions and provide a low, competitive price for the services we offer.  Our service is built on years of providing high quality professional mascot costumes to schools around the US.  We understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we served.  That’s why we make every effort to provide the best in service by having plenty of professional mascot costumes in stock. Call us today for a free quote on customizing a mascot costume for your school and see why we provide the best in service.

Find the Right Supplier for Mascot Costumes



Mascot costumes play a major role in all types of sporting events at both amateur level and professional level.  You will come across different types of mascot costumes ranging from panther mascot costumes, dinosaur mascot costumes, crocodile mascot costumes, etc.  As more and more people are using mascots it is becoming harder to select a good character costume that is of good quality material and makes you stand apart from the competitor’s mascot.  Now a days, mascots are used not only to entertain the crowd but acts as a real inspiration for the players in different tournaments for all different ages.  For this, everybody is on the lookout for the appropriate costumes that play an important role to attract maximum buyers.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that all types of mascot costumes are similar as you can buy or hire anyone from any store offering costumes.  But this is not true as although the costumes may look similar, the difference in quality as well as design and customization plays an important role to give the ultimate look.

If you are looking for a store to buy panther mascot costumes or any other type of mascot costumes then remember and understand that an ordinary store will offer you just a few common mascot costumes like that of a lion, crocodile or other fancy costume.  Panther mascot costumes are used by many college and school events as panther is recognized as a big cat used for the same reason as tiger who is ready to attack and fierce.

Mascots represent the team for which they are the mascot.  Mascots should look like as the mascot of a particular club as any team would not wear generic uniforms.  Choosing the right supplier helps in the process of choosing and purchasing mascot costumes that make sense and help motivate the cherished team and enjoy amazing performances on and off the field and to increase the grace of any occasion.

Attractive Mascot Costumes

mascots-cat-485-Wally-Lion-500x500 offers enchanting and quality mascot costumes for your children’s school events. If you are organizing spirit events for your school and want to add an entertaining element to it then draw your visitors in by performing in our various costumes that are available and on sale. Boost up your team’s morale by having your mascot costume make appearances at various event throughout their season.

Mascots dancing and performing on the field wearing these captivating costumes will bring a magical touch to the occasion, delighting everyone present at the event. Schools generally select animal mascot costumes to energize their athletic teams. The championship games, pep rallies and other special school events never seem to be completed without these outfits.

Schools are not the only ones who have considered mascot costumes as an important part of their events. Many businesses have started using mascots to creatively brand their name in the market. This is an intelligent method to gather customers for your products as these appealing mascots catch all the eyes in the market.

A perfect costume for your business should be easily identifiable by the audience so that they can understand what exactly the mascot is representing. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to choose the right costume for your event but you just need to consider the right size, color, texture and character type. An easy to carry, light-weight mascot costume will help you a great deal because usually these costumes are worn for hours. It is important to be comfortable as mascots are the people who will be entertaining the onlookers.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a mascot costume for your recreational events then just visit and have the best choices at reasonable prices.

Add Energy to your Games with MASCOT COSTUMES!

bulldog mascot costume


Many events, usually sports, have mascots that are full of energy and enthusiasm.  They get the crowd excited, which gets the team into the game.  They have the ability to bring more fun and joy to a game than cheerleaders do and, even if a person is not into the game, every person gets into what is happening when there is a mascot.  Of course, mascot costumes do not simply appear out of nowhere, schools and teams must buy them.  Sites like Team-Mascots exist to give those looking for costumes a choice.  There are many available on the site, and in many different forms, so every school and team can find something that is fitting for them.

Having the mascot stand out, and in a way that people will like, is what gets people more interested in a game.  Mascots like the Phillie Phanatic are perfect examples of what a mascot is and, really, should be.  They bring so much to a game and are remembered and loved for it all for years to come.  The Phillie Phanatic is one of the most recognizable mascots there is.  Even if a person is not interested in sports in the least, there is a high chance they have heard of him.  He has been on several television shows, has been talked about just about everywhere, and is even named the best mascot by more than one publication.  Those looking to be mascots will usually use him as a guide, sort of a “how to” on getting the crowd into the game.  While there are many mascots out there, he is one that people connect to in several different ways, which is what makes him such a unique and lovable mascot.  Some people may recognize the Phanatic from The Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, and several other well-known and popular television shows.  So many do enjoy the mascot costumes and their intriguing appearances, but the Phanatic proves that the person underneath can make everything in a game.  Of course, it takes a lot of effort and time to be like the Phanatic.

After you have the mascot costumes ready for the person, they need to embody everything the character is supposed to be.   No matter what it is that specific character does, the person in the costume must know how to act that way, plus so much more.  No mascot can do their job without the right costume.  When people see a mascot, they want somebody who looks like what they are supposed to be, not a regular man or woman.

The quality and appearance matter when buying a costume because, otherwise, you are left with something cheap, messy, and boring, which no one wants to see.  Getting a crowd into the game, excited, and ready for more requires a mascot capable of doing their job.  The number one thing for a good mascot is a good costume.  Mascot costumes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, so getting the right one is necessary. Team-Mascots can help any school or teamget their own mascot into shape with the right costume.

Tiger Mascot Costumes

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume


Each animal and bird is known to have its own significance. Similarly, the mascot concept involving any one of them is bound to have a connotation and relevance, depending on the event these mascots are being used for…

Tiger is considered to be the most ferocious animal in the extended cat family. The sight, in fact, just a casual thought of encountering a tiger live, can be immensely fear-provoking and terrifying. On similar lines, a tiger mascot costume can be equally creepy and scary. A tiger is considered to symbolize strength, speed and power.

But when the tiger mascot costume is soft and cozy like a mother’s lap; it can be the same appealing as any other animal mascot, tempting each passer- by to stop and have a hand shake with this fierce, yet a cuddly tiger. Several species of this wild animal, tiger, is getting extinct and so additional preventive measures are being taken all over the world, to preserve this beautiful, yet horrifying animal.

There are a number of companies who are dealing with the design and creation of such animal costumes. However, it is a pre-requisite that the costume should offer a good quality fabric /material, proper ventilation and a perfect fitting so as to avoid any kind of discomfort or uneasiness at a later stage. A variety of tiger mascot costumes are created keeping in mind various moods and actions of a tiger. Also the selection can be made from an extensive collection of colors, as per one’s liking. Such animal mascot costumes are available in a range of sizes and can be fully customized according to the need of the occasion.

Choose The Right Bull Mascot Costume



In most events cheerleader and mascots act as spirit boosters. Competition in choosing a mascot character is on rise as everybody wants to select the best and most unique mascot costume that portrays the vision and spirit behind the event.


Bull mascot costumes are a popular choice for costumes by the big teams in both events at high school level or college level. Some companies also use bulls as their mascot. The reason behind using a bull as a mascot is that it shows the aggressive nature that is very much required in teams to show off that they are focused on victory.


But in recent times, bull mascot costumes are not used for this same reason as you will see some bull mascots with a smile on their face. The new range of bull mascots consists of cute bulls, shy bulls and smiling bulls. Unlike before now bull mascot costumes are not considered just for farm animal category rather they are used for representation of different moods. You can buy fur based animal mascot costumes to display a more realistic animal.


These costumes are a trusted sourced for advertisement or marketing of products that help to communicate a particular message to people. Different types of mascot costumes are used to depict a particular habit like that of winning or to measure the stamina of a particular character. You can explore the wide variety of team mascot costumes and bull mascot costumes in online retail stores. These stores also offer customised mascot costumes to order.

A Bear Mascot Costume Can Turn The Grizzly Into Adorable



Though quite intimidating and frightening in real life, a bear can get a makeover as a cuddly and lovable mascot when you choose the right company that deals in mascot costumes. The right company can provide a bear mascot costumes which not only looks appealing, but the costume feels comfortable too. When you choose a mascot such as the bear, the thought behind it probably is to send out the message that over the fierce exterior, the interior of the animal is endearing. A mascot is not only one that invokes the feelings of competition in the hearts of the people, but also is an embodiment of the values it represents.

A bear mascot costumes available from the right company, either locally or online, will provide you with options galore. When you are looking for the most effective mascot costume, look for the company which can give you the option of customizing the mascot costume. It can also be that you choose the head of one mascot costume and the body of another mascot costume to answer your need of the mascot costume.

Like any other mascot costume, a bear mascot costumes can also have its cheap and imitation counterpart easily available either online or in the local shops, and to the experienced shopper the difference will be clear. The mascot costume company you choose, should be able to strike the right balance between quality and price and the other features should include, rush delivery option on first come first serve basis and shipping in two weeks. Choosing the right company is as important as choosing the right mascot costume.