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Midriff mascot costume characters for greater cost saving.

Product promotion through mascots is a very entertaining and impactful way of increasing sales and gaining brand reputation. In sports events too mascots are extensively used to entertainment audience and to depict the heat of competition among teams. Some sports teams even make their mascot perform with cheerleaders and interact with audience. For an attractive looking and highly interactive mascot, teams or companies need mascots that are equipped with hi-tech gadgets. Simultaneously performing mascots are required to be light weight as well as flexible to allow body movement. Teams often fix one mascot for lifetime that becomes their identity forever, so they need a durable and requirement specific mascot costume. The trouble is when different people have to wear same mascot costume every year, the material needs to withstand repeated alterations or wear and tear. Such materials often are heavily expensive for teams.
For greater savings on such high quality materials, teams can go for midriff mascot costumes or characters that include only mask and upper body. Such mascot costumes need minor alterations in upper body only and in the bottom, mascot can wear ordinary trousers. To make the character more realistic, one can add bird feet, animal feet or character’s shoes to the costume. The midriff costumes are best option for almost any animal, bird, historical or cartoon character. When you need durable material in limited cost and less space for future alterations, the midriff costumes are a highly economical option.
To get some fruitful ideas about midriff mascot costumes visit where you can mix and match any mascot head with any mascot body at the same economical price.

Fall in love with new mascot characters for corporate world.

Mascots have become immensely popular for advertising due to their high scale communication, interactivity and charm factor. The products that are promoted in funny way are remembered for long time and accumulate wider scope of audience. Mascots in shopping malls, restaurants or on roads easily become center of attraction and cause excitement and curiosity among people faster than any other medium of advertising. Witnessing this trend of success, mascot costumes manufacturers are launching readymade mascot costumes related to big corporate. These pre-available mascot costumes prevent companies from placing special orders for their mascots that is quite expensive affair.

Recently has uploaded new mascot characters for corporate sector that characterize products and services of all big business houses. These new characters include mobile phones, walky-talkies, dollar bills, dollar sign, safe, teddy bears, crabs, tooth, and food mascots. For some special brands one can also buy mascot costume playing giant bottle, jar or carry bag. All the mascot costumes here are light weight and are made from durable materials. Company can customize them as per the measurements of the person who will be wearing it. Most of the mascot costumes don’t need any extra accessories like cooling kits or cooling fans that is best quality for a performing mascot. Besides this, company can also provide small disguise sound gadget to create sound effect and loud voice.

At customers are free to mix and match any masks with body of any mascot costume. Company also accepts special orders according to your product and can design some special concept best suited to your industry. To view the existing mascot costumes and for more ideas visit

Surf the biggest ever range of corporate mascots costumes.

The mascots are now playing commendable role in local marketing for corporate branding. In fact the mascots for brands like Mc Donald’s and Burger king are world famous icons of mascots. Following the success of big brands in gaining unbeatable corporate identity, now almost every business house is going for marketing through mascots. There is another reason behind importance of mascot marketing that is hidden in its cist effectiveness. The mascot costumes are one time investment and later on occasional investment for hiring the person who will wear it. The wages for mascot actor are quite low so it ends up at being quite cost effective mean of marketing.

There are endless options for corporate marketing through mascots like fur mascots, velvet mascots, feather mascots, polyethylene mascots and inflatable mascot costumes. In matter of characters we are offering you such big pool from where you can acquire mascot for almost any product. We are offering special drop of blood mascots for blood banks and dollars mascot for finance companies and banks even. If you want us to make a special mascot specifically for your brand with a copyright on design, we can do that for you at surprisingly low cost. Go though our mascot costumes gallery for business mascots and choose the right one for you.

Inflatable mascot costumes- The happening way of marketing.

Raise your marketing standards to bigger with huge sized mascots talking, dancing and shaking hands with your potential customers in marketplace. The inflatable mascot costumes are designed for greater impact, visibility and to create significant attraction towards brands. The inflatable mascots are perhaps the very first form of mascot costumes as the feather, fur and velvet mascot costumes came far later. In the beginning, in the name of mascots, there were only big balloons shaped like products floating in air on top of buildings. Now those big balloons are able to walk and interact with people in form of inflatable mascots.

The inflatable mascot costumes are becoming popular due to their affordability, performance oriented built, light weight and bigger impact on audience. The inflatable mascot costumes are designed such that grab attention of people from every age group. The inflatable costumes are lighter in weight and make bigger space for support equipment inside the mascots that helps in boosting up the performance for the person wearing it.

Now Team-Mascots is offering amazingly innovative mascot costumes in which you will find a mascot for almost any product or services including mobile phones, health drinks, robots, toys, drop of blood, dollars for finance companies and many more. In food mascots one can get giant burger or hotdog as a mascot costume beside bucket of French fries and can of cold drink. The options are endless to chose from you just need to make the right selection best befitting your requirements.

Funny horse mascots- Choose from the huge variety.

It’s once again time for jack horse to rule the sports world as they have arrived in their new revamped look. Horse mascots have always been adorable among teams specifically the funny horses. Audiences respond more vociferously to funny horses in comparison to realistic horse characters. Therefore, Team-Mascots has brought thirty new mascot characters including Mustangs, Peter Pony, Donald Donkey, Jack horse, big ears Jack, Trojan horses and many more.

All horse mascots are available in all vibrant, sober or natural horse skin colors. You can order for your special color schemes if you want and Team-Mascots will get it manufactured at same economical price as you get otherwise. If the fur and velvet made horse mascot costumes seem uncomfortable for you then get a really big horse from our inflatable mascot costumes section.

We have collected sound selection of horse, donkey and mule costumes altogether to choose from. If you choose fat horse character for your team mascot we provide fat suits at the same place. Similarly pick bodysuits for your fit horse at our gallery along with other accessories like cooling jackets, cooling vests or cooling fans. We also offer voice gadgets to disguise horse sound during performance. Go through our huge assortment of mascot costumes and choose a right horse for your team.

Mix any mascot head with any mascot body to create your own unique one.

At Team-Mascots you can fully suffice your creative instincts through the freedom to do custom shopping. Visit our gallery and design your own mascot costumes by matching any head with any body costume of mascots. You can create your own colorful bird by adding sparrow head or parrot head with multi color, dual color or single colored body. We can also provide mascot heads with different expressions for the same creature and also accept special manufacturing orders on your demand.

The authentic US made mascot costumes have never been such affordable like these are on Team-Mascots even if you place special orders. To make your decision making easier, we have segmented our mascot costumes into different categories like bear mascot costumes, bees, hornets and other insect mascot costumes, bulldog, huskies and other dog mascot costumes. Apart from these in wild animals you can pick from bulls, buffalos, longhorns, ram, antelopes, deer, Elks and moose mascot costumes.

In predators you can choose from a wide range of tiger mascots, cougar mascots, crocodiles and shark or whale mascots. Besides these we also provide bird mascots and farm animal mascots including cows, pigs or chickens. We also offer a wide variety in famous personalities as mascots besides holiday mascots and mascots for different products for promotional purpose. Our gallery showcases more than 150 designs in mascot costumes, hurry up for most cost effective deal.