Mascots began their life cycle from cheerleading grounds but these days’ mascots are extensively used for product promotion, advertising and entertainment as well. Simultaneously expectations from mascot costumes are also changing according to different utility scales required various purposes. For cheerleading, mascot costumes are required to be flexible enough to facilitate stunts and dancing. On the other hand, mascot costumes for entertainment purpose need to be light weight only as mascot has to just roam around and to perform light dance steps. Mascot costumes for marketing purpose, apart from all, are worn for the longest duration. These days’ several shopping malls, restaurants and hotels promote their products and services by sending a mascot on roads that shake hands with passers by and distribute pamphlets.

Mascot for promotional events has to wear costume for entire day sometimes and his walking activities generate excessive heat inside the costume. This heat and low ventilation can make the wearer faint in just one or two hours. Therefore now mascot costumes are turned inflatable for those who wear them continuously for hours. The inflatable costumes are as light in weight as a swimming pool float. The entire weight and balance of mascot costume is placed on waist and shoulders to facilitate easy body movements. For ventilation a small fan is tied on waist inside the costume that keeps the temperature normal all the time.

Inflatable mascot costumes are also an economical option as beneath them you need not to wear extra accessories like cooling jackets, cooling bags or cooling collars. You buy only a mascot costume, wear it and fill with cool air.

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