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How to shop for school mascot costumes

To be a good mascot, you have to have a real passion for the team and enjoy entertaining other audience. Wearing hot, heavy costumes can also be a big challenge to the people wearing  mascot costumes. It is suggested that when you are shopping for a mascot costume, you choose one that is lightweight and made of quality materials.

Make sure to leave time for production if you choose a custom made costume. It takes around eight weeks or so to replicate an original design if you want a unique mascot costume. The designers take the special needs of your costume into account. Though a custom costume allows perfect look, it can be very costly.

You can choose “off the rack mascot costumes” if you want to save time and money. These costumes come in many different varieties.  You can always customize the colros in the mascot costumes to make them more specific to your school.  Shopping online is a fantastic way to get great mascot costumes at low, inexpensive prices. When researcing places to purchase a mascot costume from, make sure that they are made in the US as cheap ones from overseas are also made from cheap materials and do not wear well. 

Do not forget to buy accessories that keep you cool, comfortable and safe. Most places that sell mascot costumes also carry items to help prevent people from feeling too hot.  A faily inexpensive but hightly effective item is a cooling vest.  These are vest that have specially designed pockets to hold ice packs and are work underneath the costumes.  Generally speaking, these are more effective at keeping you cool that a ventilation fan. provides a large selection of fabulous costumes at inexpensive prices. They will also guarantee the lowest price on any costume, any day.

Deal of the Day: Cold Kits for Your Mascot Costume.

Did you know that if you wear a cold kit under your mascot costume that it will help prolong the life of your mascot costume?  It helps because it is hot when wearing a mascot costume and the mascot does a lot of sweating.  The cold kits helps the mascot stay nice and cool, so there’s not as much sweating going on when wearing the mascot costume,  so it won’t get as stinky.  Order your cold kit for your mascot costume on 3/8/2011 and shipping is free.  Save over $30.00

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Cold Kit for your mascot