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Cow mascot costumes- Innocence infused with determination and strength.


During few past years farm animals too have become an important part of mascot arena. The cows are proving to be favorites of many teams and it’s surprising that cow mascot costumes are now used more than the decades old bull costumes. Now various sports teams consider cows as a very meaningful mascot as by nature cows denote to an animal that is innocent, loyal and honest but cab react aggressively and display strength wherever required. Cows are also believed to be strong but calm in attitude in comparison to the bulls therefore teams that like to appear a conscientious and determined team prefer cows as their mascots.

Witnessing the popularity and increasing demand of cow mascot costumes, now Team-Mascots has introduced a huge range of cow mascot costumes in all new colors and expressions. Now you can chose from most realistic looking cow mascot costumes to cartoon cow mascot costumes and funny or jolly cow mascots. The best part of cracking a deal with Team-Mascots is that we are offering you lowest prices in the market on authentic US made mascot costumes. Now we also accommodate an astounding range of cow mascots and other farm animal mascot costumes reflecting discounts and fastest shipping offers.

Choose a different hawk mascot costume for your team.


Do you want a hawk mascot costume for your team but some other team in the arena already occupies that? Team-mascots can help you out in possessing hawk mascot costumes carrying a significant difference from others. We are offering more than twenty kinds of mascot heads for every character so it is quite easy to find out a mascot appearing completely different from opponent teams. With the all new and bigger assortment of mascot costumes it’s easier to find out your desired mascot even if your opponent has acquired that.

We have full range of bird mascots containing at least fifty characters of eagle and hawk mascots. Moreover, at Team-mascots you always find authentic US made mascots with guaranteed zero duplication or imitation of other companies’ mascots. We are providing mascot costumes at guaranteed lowest prices along with our money back guarantee. We return your money without any question within month after purchase in case you have received defected product or if we have failed in delivering what we committed.

In hawk mascots you can choose from most realistic looking mascot costumes to cartoon characters of hawk. If you don’t like any hawk displayed on our website, just make your suggestions and we will provide you your desired character manufactured on special order at surprisingly affordable prices.

Tiger Mascots and other Predators- The forever part of mascots.

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

New Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

There are surely some special reasons behind strong foundation of predator’s throne in mascot’s arena. The jungle king lion and the symbols of agility Tigers and panthers have always been integral part of mascots. Actually, the predators include the strong animals only and each of them has some distinct quality over others. If lion is said the king of wildlife then tiger is recognized for his power and tactics to attack. The same spirit is displayed to opponents during tournaments. Therefore teams find predators as best to define their team spirit.

The predator mascot performer prepares aggressive moves and energetic rhymes to express the zeal of team alongside maintaining the traits of animal. Perhaps predators are the only animals about whose lifestyle everyone possesses deep knowledge whereas other animals are perceived with different vision by different persons. On the contrary, the predators are perceived with the same vision all over the world.

The new category of predator mascots also includes wildcats, angry bears, foxes, cougars and bobcats. In fact now tigers and lions are also depicted as happy fellows instead of being aggressive only. The wildcats and panthers have recently become most popular mascot characters recently for their aggressiveness like predators.

The Team-Mascots is holding numerous such unimaginable mascot characters in predator category. The company deals in US made authentic mascot costumes where no duplicate material is used in manufacturing process. Mascot costumes at Team-Mascots are absolutely hygienic and durable in quality. Order them right from your home at

Choosing a mascot costume is all about choosing the right head.

In most of the mascot costumes, the mascot head symbolize the right identity of the mascot character therefore it becomes important to choose the right head with right expression. For example the teams who want to display high level of energy often chose characters with expression of anger while who want to spread happiness choose smiling faces.

The modern day mascot is not mere a standing or walking puppet rather the contemporary mascots ride cycles, bikes and do all the possible stunts. For such mascots it becomes essential to wear a light weight head and mascot costume that facilitates easy body movements. It’s easy to perform for long duration in light weight costumes and as the head movements hold equal significance so comfort levels of mascot head is also a requisite.

At the same time choosing right mascot character is about choosing the right expression. If team has the clear idea of the attitude and spirit they want to display to opponent team and audience, the job becomes a little easier.

In the beginning era of mascots, colorful make up was the most common way to create a mascot face or people used to use cardboard to paint faces and to make a mask out of that. Now with the raised standards the mascot heads are made more realistic to depict the character in right manner. To enhance the performance factor the manufacturers are making them out of light weight materials.

At Team-Mascots, you can find the most affordable mascot heads with their matching mascot costumes and other accessories like cooling kits, bodysuits, fat suits, feet or feathers. Visit to view all latest mascot costumes launched for tournaments.

Prolong the Life of your Mascot Costume

Trojan Mascots

Get all mascot costumes with guaranteed lowest prices & made in USA.

Mascot costumes are a great way to show school spirit, promote products & get ideas across to people. There are many types of dog mascot costumes. There are bulldog mascots, husky mascots, hound dog mascots, dalmatian mascots, terrier mascots, lab mascots, german shepard mascots and just too many to list.

When ordering a mascot costume, make sure it is made in The USA. There are many manufacturers out there now & the quality is just not as good & won’t last as long. One way to prolong the life of your mascot costume & control the smell is to purchase a cooling kit. The person wearing the mascot costume can get quite hot
& by keeping him or her cool will help a lot. We also have a mascot costume care sheet below that will help you.
We have checked many sites on the internet & found that Team-Mascots has the best prices, we are so sure we guarantee the lowest prices. Our delivery is usually 2 weeks.

Mascot Costume Care

Mascot Costume Storage
1. Always remember to hang your costume body on a hanger and brush it after each use.
2. Keep the head suspended on a stand to allow it to “air-out” properly following each use.
3. Store your costume in a well-ventilated area, away from excessive temperatures. Car trunks and back seats are not good places for prolonged storage.
4. Do not store your costume in a box, bag, or case for long periods.

Cleaning the Body
1. The costume body should be washed after every third or fourth wearing. Most costume bodies are machine-washable using a cold, delicate cycle with mild detergent and fabric softener.
2. Allow the costume to drip dry. A dryer may be used, if set to air fluff with no heat.
3. Brush the costume while it is still damp, using a vented brush.
4. Do not store the costume while it is still damp.
5. Do not have the costume dry cleaned. It will cause the fur to mat.

Cleaning the Head
1. The costume head should be brushed regularly, if it is covered in faux fur.
2. The fur on the head should be hand cleaned using a mild detergent, such as Woolite.
3. Store the head in its natural shape. A simple stand can be constructed using PVC pipe.
4. Clean latex and plastic with a sponge and mild detergent.
5. Spray disinfectant on the inside of the head to eliminate order. A good mixture is 50% water and 50% Listerine.
6. Leather/vinyl conditioners, such as Armor All, can be used on the latex portions. Use it lightly and avoid spraying the fabric.

Cleaning the Feet
1. Feet should be hand cleaned with a mild detergent.

Minor Repairs
1. Minor repairs, using hot glue, contact adhesive, or a needle and thread, can keep little problems from becoming big ones.

1. If you need to ship your costume, it should be packed carefully in a way 
that allows any latex features to remain in their natural shape.

Contemporary mascots are something beyond tigers and wildcats.


The new age mascots although can be said completely new avatars of old popular mascots but now there are some new species of mascots available in market. Now categories of mascots are not confined to animals or cartoon characters only rather symbols, products, birds and farm animals are also part of mascots. The animal mascot costumes are also not restrained to predators only as now with the rising trend of cute mascots; insects, bees and some rare birds are also used as mascot characters. The few brilliant examples of cute mascot costumes are lightening bug, grasshopper, blue bug, Ladybug, geese and birds like parrots, Tookie bird, penguins, cranes and golden phoenix birds. Besides these white hawks, ducks and love birds are also used as funny and cute mascots.

When it comes to big teams they remain loyal to one popular mascot for years but for school or college teams the mascot keep changing with the time. When there are lots of teams the options in mascot characters also need to be numerous. Therefore Team-Mascots has brought the unmatched and endless variety in each category of mascots to choose from. We have segmented every category in such manner that it takes lesser time and effort in deciding over mascot for your team. At you can find the latest huge collection of all kinds of mascot costumes for the purpose of corporate marketing.

Holiday mascots- The Spark of every theme party.


The mascots have the power to infuse spark of liveliness into parties especially when these are theme parties like fancy dress parties, Halloween parties or theme parties for birthdays. The funny mascots like cartoon characters or holiday mascots are extensively used for entertainment in amusement parks and in parties at home, hotels and restaurants. Therefore now mascot manufacturers are introducing wide range of holiday mascots for multiple purposes.

Although the most popular mascot costumes are cartoon characters like Donald duck, Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear etc but now symbols of holidays are also becoming popular mascots. The most popular holiday mascots are polar bears, snowman, elf, toy soldier, reindeers, aliens, yeti and genies.

Now various event management companies provide professional mascot entertainers and house a variety of mascot costumes for different events. There are always different mascots for different kinds of parties like funny characters for children’s’ parties and symbols of holidays to entertain guests in restaurants, hotels or shopping complex.

Mascots have always proved to be best entertainers during parties, fairs, shopping malls and amusement parks where they steadily become identity mark of the place. If you are yet looking for the right mascot character best catering to taste of your industry’s customers, the Team Mascots has plenty of ideas in its baggage. Visit to choose from more than 100 holiday mascot costumes at competitive prices.

Mascot Costumes, a wise investment for your community.


Mascots are longstanding tradition. Famous mascots such as the Pirate Parrot, San Diego Chicken, and Philly Phanatic have entertained their respective teams’ fans for decades. Outside the world of sports, many companies have chosen mascots to promote awareness of their brands. Famous corporate mascots are often talking animals such as geckos, Chihuahuas, or frogs. Those mascots are often so recognizable at the peak of their popularity that viewers immediately know the brand when they see the mascot. Smaller local and regional businesses also use mascots. Mr. Bingle was well known to New Orleanians when he represented the old Maison Blanche department store.

Mascots can come in many forms. There are live mascots like LSU’s Mike the Tiger, cartoon mascots like the Tony the Tiger, and costumed mascots like the aforementioned baseball mascots or the Good Neighbear. With modern technology, mascots can even be fully computer generated. Mascots can serve just about any entity from a sports team to a high school to a large or small business or a civic organization. The mascot does not even need to match the rest of the brand. The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide teams are represented by an elephant. The Ole Miss Rebels are represented by a black bear, an animal that does not even live in Mississippi.

The right type of mascot depends on the goals of the business, school, or organization employing it. If public appearances are included in the mascot’s duties, a costumed mascot is ideal. Using a costumed mascot, of course, requires a costume. However, finding mascot costumes is not a simple matter of going to a retail store or even a costume shop. Most costumes sold to the public are made from cheap materials because consumers do not intend to use them more than once or twice. Mascot costumes, on the other hand, need to be durable because they are intended for long-term use.

One source for mascot costumes is This site has a large selection of mascot costumes ranging from common team mascots like tigers, bears, and eagles to unusual ones like dinosaurs and dill pickles. High school mascot costumes would be the most prevalent. These would be used for pep rallies and football and basketball games and would need to last for at least a few years. Other mascot costumes are less intimidating but would be well suited for businesses related to children, such as a pediatrician’s office. The food-related mascot costumes, like the hot dog or the sandwich, would be ideal for a restaurant. The mascot could be sent to a busy street corner during rush hour to draw attention to its dining establishment.

Websites such as are often the best way to buy a costume. Because mascot costumes are generally oversized, they will fit just about any actor, so there is no need to try them on before buying. Mascot costumes are also a relatively specialized market; generally speaking, individuals wouldn’t need a mascot costume or be willing to pay the higher price. This means mascot costumes are often difficult to find at an on-site location, making it a better option to order from a Web site.

Food mascots boosting up competition spirit of restaurants.


The mascots are continuously widening their scope in matter of concepts, designs, quality, performance and now utility too. The mascots are now a vital part of promotional marketing and advertising simultaneously the wide variety available in them is fueling up competition among brands. Food mascots first became popular with big brands like McDonalds, KFC, Dominos and Burger King but most of the mascot characters were cartoons or human characters. It has been a few years that food mascots have came into existence in their true and obvious form. The most of the local restaurants, bars or food corners are extensively using food mascots for promotion of their specialties. It has become quite common practice to use Mascot to inform people about newly inaugurated restaurant or food corner.

Food mascots may include anything from burgers, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits or even soda cans or soft drink cans, depending on the specials by any hotel or restaurant. The big size food items shaking hands and dancing in front of passersby make bigger impact than any other medium of advertising. Some food corners even make their mascot distribute pamphlets stating their specials and offers for customers. The advertising through mascot costume is one time investment with long lasting results as people often remember innovative ways of promotion by any restaurant for longer.

The Team-Mascots is carrying a huge range of food mascots in its gallery meant for almost every kind of restaurant or food chain. The company also manufactures food mascots for marketing on special order and at special pricing. Visit to choose the best meeting your purpose.

Some interesting facts about Mascot costumes.


Mascot costumes can never loose their charm and fan following and are still capable of attracting attention of every age group. There are some factors responsible for that ever existing charm of mascot costumes. The credit of developments in modern day mascot costumes also goes to changing roles of mascots.

With the passing time, mascots have now become a proficient effective marketing tool as well as an impactful media for teams and companies. Now as mascots in such a great demand the competition has increased the market is full with new mascot characters. Now the mascot theme is not confined to animals only rather one can find mascots of cartoon characters, legendary characters, birds, pirates and mythical heroes. Some restaurants don’t even hesitate in getting huge sandwich, burger or huge can of coke as their mascot.

Another big change that mascots have undergone is their structure. Now mascots are equipped with accessories like cold kits or cooling products to keep the body temperature stable inside the costume in hot weather. The voice gadgets are adding to the spell of mascots through which the person wearing costume can produce disguised but realistic voice of character. Now mascots are made from polyethylene that is light weight, washable and skin friendly material. Additionally the latest range of mascot costumes is absolutely recyclable, so now money invested in mascot costumes won’t be a waste.

Team-mascots is offering thousands of kinds of mascot costumes as per varying needs of teams. Visit their website to view all the latest mascot costumes at the lowest prices ever.