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Mascot Costumes, a wise investment for your community.


Mascots are longstanding tradition. Famous mascots such as the Pirate Parrot, San Diego Chicken, and Philly Phanatic have entertained their respective teams’ fans for decades. Outside the world of sports, many companies have chosen mascots to promote awareness of their brands. Famous corporate mascots are often talking animals such as geckos, Chihuahuas, or frogs. Those mascots are often so recognizable at the peak of their popularity that viewers immediately know the brand when they see the mascot. Smaller local and regional businesses also use mascots. Mr. Bingle was well known to New Orleanians when he represented the old Maison Blanche department store.

Mascots can come in many forms. There are live mascots like LSU’s Mike the Tiger, cartoon mascots like the Tony the Tiger, and costumed mascots like the aforementioned baseball mascots or the Good Neighbear. With modern technology, mascots can even be fully computer generated. Mascots can serve just about any entity from a sports team to a high school to a large or small business or a civic organization. The mascot does not even need to match the rest of the brand. The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide teams are represented by an elephant. The Ole Miss Rebels are represented by a black bear, an animal that does not even live in Mississippi.

The right type of mascot depends on the goals of the business, school, or organization employing it. If public appearances are included in the mascot’s duties, a costumed mascot is ideal. Using a costumed mascot, of course, requires a costume. However, finding mascot costumes is not a simple matter of going to a retail store or even a costume shop. Most costumes sold to the public are made from cheap materials because consumers do not intend to use them more than once or twice. Mascot costumes, on the other hand, need to be durable because they are intended for long-term use.

One source for mascot costumes is This site has a large selection of mascot costumes ranging from common team mascots like tigers, bears, and eagles to unusual ones like dinosaurs and dill pickles. High school mascot costumes would be the most prevalent. These would be used for pep rallies and football and basketball games and would need to last for at least a few years. Other mascot costumes are less intimidating but would be well suited for businesses related to children, such as a pediatrician’s office. The food-related mascot costumes, like the hot dog or the sandwich, would be ideal for a restaurant. The mascot could be sent to a busy street corner during rush hour to draw attention to its dining establishment.

Websites such as are often the best way to buy a costume. Because mascot costumes are generally oversized, they will fit just about any actor, so there is no need to try them on before buying. Mascot costumes are also a relatively specialized market; generally speaking, individuals wouldn’t need a mascot costume or be willing to pay the higher price. This means mascot costumes are often difficult to find at an on-site location, making it a better option to order from a Web site.

Attractive Mascot Costumes

mascots-cat-485-Wally-Lion-500x500 offers enchanting and quality mascot costumes for your children’s school events. If you are organizing spirit events for your school and want to add an entertaining element to it then draw your visitors in by performing in our various costumes that are available and on sale. Boost up your team’s morale by having your mascot costume make appearances at various event throughout their season.

Mascots dancing and performing on the field wearing these captivating costumes will bring a magical touch to the occasion, delighting everyone present at the event. Schools generally select animal mascot costumes to energize their athletic teams. The championship games, pep rallies and other special school events never seem to be completed without these outfits.

Schools are not the only ones who have considered mascot costumes as an important part of their events. Many businesses have started using mascots to creatively brand their name in the market. This is an intelligent method to gather customers for your products as these appealing mascots catch all the eyes in the market.

A perfect costume for your business should be easily identifiable by the audience so that they can understand what exactly the mascot is representing. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to choose the right costume for your event but you just need to consider the right size, color, texture and character type. An easy to carry, light-weight mascot costume will help you a great deal because usually these costumes are worn for hours. It is important to be comfortable as mascots are the people who will be entertaining the onlookers.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a mascot costume for your recreational events then just visit and have the best choices at reasonable prices.

An extra dose of sea animal mascots

During past few years, sea animals have become very popular as team mascots. Most of the teams are now fed up of bulls, lions, tigers and other wild animals as their mascots. The famous personality mascots are also booked with popular teams and simultaneously with increasing number of sports teams it becomes very hard to choose a unique mascot for every team. Witnessing this chaos of mascot selection process, now Team-mascots has added some truly unique sea animal figures as mascot costumes. Now teams can choose their team mascot from huge variety including an array of sea animals that have never been added to the mascot gallery ever before.
In our new range of Fish costumes we have added new creatures like Goldie Gold Fish, Large Mouth Bass, Sword Fish, Finny Fish, Tuna Fish, Flounder, Star Fish and Fresh Fish. Besides these fish characters, we are offering various sea animal mascots like lobsters, turtles, Octopus, Barracuda, Flounder, Sea Horse, Walrus, Seal, crabs each with its different range of characters. Right now Team-Mascots is guaranteeing lowest prices in the market on all mascot costumes, so buy now and save bigger for your team.

New cute fish costumes

The fish costumes have never offered such huge variety ever before as one can find now. The fish mascots are not restrained to dolphins, whale and shark costumes anymore. The problem with fish costumes is that they generally display simple shapes as if one is wearing a full body length bag. To break the monotony of shapes, now Team-Mascots has brought some new amazing fish costumes that will excite you as well as your audience. We promise that other teams and audience will remember you for longer if you choose any of these fish costumes. Our new fish characters include Goldie Gold Fish, Large Mouth Bass, Sword Fish, Finney Fish, Tuna Fish, Flounder, Star Fish and Fresh Fish. All these fish costumes have never been used as mascots by big teams so you can make a difference by adopting any of these unique mascots.

Besides these new interesting characters of fish mascots, we are also offering new interesting characters of sharks, whales and dolphins as well. There are cartoon characters of whales and sharks besides lot more sea animal mascots like lobsters, turtles, Octopus, Barracuda, Flounder, Sea Horse, Walrus, Seal, crabs and many more. Visit our sea animals’ mascots’ gallery and pick the best fish costumes at the best prices in the market.