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Beware when Ordering a Mascot Costume.

Please be aware of any company selling mascot costumes not made in the USA. What these foreign companies are doing is stealing our pictures, claiming they look exactly like the picture and the mascot costumes don’t, they are trash.

Please call the company and make sure someone answers the phone. They are even showing addresses and phone numbers in the USA, when actually they aren’t.

We have had many schools calling us explaining their horror stories of what happened to them when they tried to save a few bucks.

Please make sure your mascot costume is made in USA!

Mascot Costumes Made in the USA with PRIDE!



Each and every single one of the thousands of mascot costumes we offer are made right here in the USA.  No cheap, inferior mascot characters here!  We believe that outsourcing the production of our mascot costumes overseas may cut the cost of them, but will also tremendously cut the quality.

We owe it to our valued customers to make sure that when your professional mascot character leaves our facility that it meets the high standard for quality that we set.  The talented team of designers approved every mascot suit upon completion. This just is not possible with having production done overseas. Our mascot uniforms may cost a little bit more compared to ones found on Amazon or Ebay made in India or China, but we believe they will save you money because of their durability and exceptionally long performance life. We take our work and our customer’s satisfaction too seriously to outsource it.

Visit our site at to view our large selection of mascot costumes all made in the USA.

High School Mascot Costumes

Trojan costumes and mascots

Get trojan mascots on sale.

Mascots have a big role to play in any event or social gathering. For example schools and sports teams have a lucky mascot which is always carted around and displayed in a prominent place. A lucky mascot can be anything and animals such as tigers and bulldogs have been known to be a good luck charm.

Any school will have a mascot that typically represents its vision and philosophy and all that it stands for. Mascots are motivating factors for students and bind them together. It is like the school uniform which represents the institution without any division in color or creed for those wearing it. It is the reason why High School Mascot Costumes work well for schools. They represent everything that the school stands for.

Additionally, Mascots are the unification power for events in schools which calls for unity amongst all students and teachers. The mascot is deemed to be the very image of the school and the High School Mascot Costumes is normally printed on all sportswear, yearbooks and other memorabilia. They are likewise shown in all work places and where students usually gather such as resting rooms and exercise centers.

It is normal to have a costumed mascot throughout inter-school competitions as a lucky charm for the participants. The mascots act as the main cheer leader for a school and motivate the students in giving off their best. On all these occasions, mascots have a great role to play. You will also find mascots on the dance floor and entertaining the gathering with comical pitches and gymnastic poses to spur the group towards winning an event. High School Mascot Costumes of schools are generally animals such as panthers, hawks, tigers and bulldogs.

Fly By Wearing Eagle Mascot Costumes


Eagles are known for their big size, excellent flying abilities and very good eyesight.  Most of us are aware of the fact that the eagles are fast and ferocious.  While understanding what the eagle is about helps to make a decision as whether you want to have an eagle for your mascot costume or not.  This costume is used wherever the theme demands this mighty bird.

For a period of 40 years, the bald eagle has been considered as an endangered animal but until 2007 eagle was removed from this list. It became one of the most adored and protected bird in North America with strict governmental to protect this bird.  This is the reason that eagles are selected for mascot costume in most schools as it displays a sign of heart and pride.

While looking for an option to buy eagle mascot costumes, you will notice lots of shops to choose from.  With the increased demand of mascot costumes, you can also buy any type of mascot costumes online as well.  Online stores display images of their stock mascot costumes but you can always order customized mascot costumes.  Each costume offered by online stores differ from others in facial expressions and color.  Most of the mascot costumes look crazy but it graces the occasion.  When it comes to choose the best eagle mascot costumes then give all your efforts to find something unique that helps you to get the real eagle look.

Food Mascot Costumes At Affordable Prices


Mascots are known to send out vibes of zeal, energy, passion and craze.  No longer are we to choose from a boring, cheap mascot costume range that lacks flair.  Today’s mascots are made not only trendy but also exciting and long lasting.  There is a complete mascot costume range available both in online as well as offline markets. They comprise of high quality, water-repellant fabric, with the bodies sewn, tailored and totally lined to lend a professional look.

Fruits and vegetables mascots are an excellent way to communicate with the kids, as they are able to correlate with these food items.  Custom made mascot costumes are also an option for all of us. It is a superb option to choose for your organization, as it would be something that you will always enjoy and can also boast of, or all times to come.

There is an entire range of food mascot costumes, comprising of tomato, chili, banana, corncob, apple, mango, watermelon, orange, pineapple, sandwich, potato, pumpkin, lime and many more!

Just imagine you are in ‘not so high’ spirits for some reason, and suddenly you acknowledge your favorite food items walking around you…how much fun it would be!  It will bring a smile to your face.  Or if you are stuck in a slow and a dull sports match, and there is an unexpected parade of food (pizza, chocolate cake, watermelon, and what not) mascot characters all around…I wonder if you can control your tummy’s hunger pangs.

Also the person who wears the mascot costume needs to embody everything associated with the character. Undoubtedly, mascots are an interesting and an effective way altogether to capture each one’s attention in a crowd and getting them involved.

Find the Right Supplier for Mascot Costumes



Mascot costumes play a major role in all types of sporting events at both amateur level and professional level.  You will come across different types of mascot costumes ranging from panther mascot costumes, dinosaur mascot costumes, crocodile mascot costumes, etc.  As more and more people are using mascots it is becoming harder to select a good character costume that is of good quality material and makes you stand apart from the competitor’s mascot.  Now a days, mascots are used not only to entertain the crowd but acts as a real inspiration for the players in different tournaments for all different ages.  For this, everybody is on the lookout for the appropriate costumes that play an important role to attract maximum buyers.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that all types of mascot costumes are similar as you can buy or hire anyone from any store offering costumes.  But this is not true as although the costumes may look similar, the difference in quality as well as design and customization plays an important role to give the ultimate look.

If you are looking for a store to buy panther mascot costumes or any other type of mascot costumes then remember and understand that an ordinary store will offer you just a few common mascot costumes like that of a lion, crocodile or other fancy costume.  Panther mascot costumes are used by many college and school events as panther is recognized as a big cat used for the same reason as tiger who is ready to attack and fierce.

Mascots represent the team for which they are the mascot.  Mascots should look like as the mascot of a particular club as any team would not wear generic uniforms.  Choosing the right supplier helps in the process of choosing and purchasing mascot costumes that make sense and help motivate the cherished team and enjoy amazing performances on and off the field and to increase the grace of any occasion.

A Bear Mascot Costume Can Turn The Grizzly Into Adorable



Though quite intimidating and frightening in real life, a bear can get a makeover as a cuddly and lovable mascot when you choose the right company that deals in mascot costumes. The right company can provide a bear mascot costumes which not only looks appealing, but the costume feels comfortable too. When you choose a mascot such as the bear, the thought behind it probably is to send out the message that over the fierce exterior, the interior of the animal is endearing. A mascot is not only one that invokes the feelings of competition in the hearts of the people, but also is an embodiment of the values it represents.

A bear mascot costumes available from the right company, either locally or online, will provide you with options galore. When you are looking for the most effective mascot costume, look for the company which can give you the option of customizing the mascot costume. It can also be that you choose the head of one mascot costume and the body of another mascot costume to answer your need of the mascot costume.

Like any other mascot costume, a bear mascot costumes can also have its cheap and imitation counterpart easily available either online or in the local shops, and to the experienced shopper the difference will be clear. The mascot costume company you choose, should be able to strike the right balance between quality and price and the other features should include, rush delivery option on first come first serve basis and shipping in two weeks. Choosing the right company is as important as choosing the right mascot costume.

Team Mascot Costumes Enliven A Party And Do More

A quintessential part of the American culture is a mascot. The mascots that you see representing your home team in your high school or your college or your university, invoke the spirit of joy and belongingness and you end up rooting for your home team, and that instance gives a huge boost to the morale of the players hosting your college or high school team. Team mascot costumes are available commonly for these events and when you need to pick out or choose a mascot, most of the times it is seen that the mascot is either an animal or a bird which has some sort of significance.

When you go looking for team mascot costumes, the design and the quality of the mascot costume is important. Obviously you would be looking for a provider who tries to balance all the three aspects of quality, price and design. All three aspects are as important individually as they are collectively. Some mascot costumes can be inflated too and they are a great hit when it comes to children’s parties on birthdays or Halloween. It is only prudent to assume that a mascot costume or a person dressed in a mascot costume can enliven a party or a business event.

Not only your average animal or bird, team mascot costumes can be based on common fairy tale characters. The designing team of a company that makes mascot costumes will invest a lot of time and research into designing likeable characters that will appeal to people of all ages. Though most of the times, we associate mascot costumes with children, making the most effective mascot costume is no child’s play.