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Animals are such wonderful creatures of nature that almost every animal’s character well defines the separate set of traits of human beings. Therefore from the time, the concept of mascots became popular among public, the animals have been intensely adored. Although, the cartoon characters too are equally being loved as mascot costumes but still animals mascots are enjoying their distinct place in the arena. Animals are presented in quite interesting firms through mascot costumes. If lion and tiger are the symbol of strength then beers symbolize fun and attitude while wildcats, foxes etc connote smartness combined with agility.

In the beginning the mascots were believed to be good luck mascots for the teams. Thus teams used to choose their mascot character accordingly for example it was supposed the tiger as a mascot will infuse the sprit of winning into team.  Similarly lion is always perceived as the symbol of rulers and sign of power. On the contrary the modern day reasons for joining a mascot in the cheerleading team are slightly different.  The mascot characters are not only selected to define spirits and attitude of teams but are also meant to be more interactive and creative in matter of performance.

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In today’s modern era, this world seems to be simply unimaginable, rendering this planet of earth to be no less than a fantasy world.  Mascots are no longer limited to Halloween.  Rather mascots are known to have their own craze, be it a young child or a so called ‘grown up’ adult. The idea of mascot is immensely apt to a variety of events, varying from school parties, parades, sports events, or a mere entertaining character, left in the open to roam for public amusement.

Amongst an assortment of mascots, animal mascots have managed to gain vast popularity. This wide range of selection of animal mascot costumes includes cartoon mascots like daisy duck, Mickey Mouse, frog, dog, gorilla, turkey, geese, duck, buffalo, deer, dinosaur, dragon, panda, snow beast, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, bear, penguin and many more…

It is mascot costumes that can make someone feel as if he/she is living a much larger life. A furry animal mascot can do wonders, where an intended onlooker along with each passer-by, receives a kind of comical signal that is bound to tickle their lighter vein.

These mascot costumes are available in a range of colours, sizes and designs, including the two- piece costume as well as a single jumpsuit costume. Interacting with kids with the help of this prevailing ‘mascot concept’ is simply enough in winning a child’s positive attention.

Having a mascot themed party can be much more entertaining and thrilling than expected. In the latest trends, mascots are being identified as a symbol of various institutions too. Animal Mascot costumes are available at a number of online stores as well, which itself speaks of their popularity and attractiveness.So for those of you who were in a fix and couldn’t decide on a theme for your upcoming party bash, here’s it!

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One of the anticipated highlights in a sports league competition is the appearance of mascots representing their teams.  A mascot adds to the animation and energy in the sports arena and usually elicits a lot of cheering from the crowd.  Hence, mascot costumes are usually worn during sports competitions, pep rallies, to homecoming events.  Having a mascot to represent your team is one of the meaningful and memorable ways to brand your team.  They will definitely catch attention and provide more entertainment especially when they perform their jolly dance moves.  The presence of a mascot will generally uplift the team’s morale and boost their confidence.

Mascot costumes are usually made of colorful and vibrant colors and represent various kinds of animal figures, from dogs, birds and horses to tigers, lions and bear mascot costumes.  They are usually designed to standout and grab attention.  Looking for mascot costumes can be a bit challenging especially if you haven’t decided on a character for your team and where to get them. You should also decide whether you want to go for ready-made costumes that are economical, or go for a customized mascot costume for a more unique appearance.  However, customizing will definitely cost more and takes longer to create. Whether you choose a stock or customized mascot costume, your team will surely get inspired to have a ‘character’ that will symbolize the unity and strength of the team. is one of the leading online stores that offer a wide range of mascot costumes for you to choose from.  With our thousands of mascot outfits and character costumes in store, you will definitely find something that will best represent your team.  We can even do some mix and match! We can combine a head of one mascot and a body of another one for a unique twist.  We can guarantee that our quality is topnotch and backed by 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee against all sorts of manufacturer defects for all our mascot costumes. We guarantee the lowest prices on our mascot costumes and they are all made in the USA, which insures the best quality.  So take advantage of and make that winning ‘hurrah’ on your next game!

Bear Mascot Costumes and Bear Mascots



As long as there have been organized sports, there have been those who cheered on those who participated. Over the past century, college and professional team sports have not only organized those who lead the cheers of the crowd, but also have brought to life their team names in the forms of mascots.

In many cases, the team name was that of a familiar animal that could easily be transposed into a costume. So for those in the stands it became common to see a lion, tiger, or bear mascot running around the sides of the playing field or even into the stands to help generate more crowd enthusiasm for the home team.

Bear mascots have been commonplace in the American sports scene since the beginnings of the 20th century. Perhaps the most famous “bear” team is the Chicago Bears of the NFL, yet in their history has not been known to have a traditional “bear” mascot, such as someone dressed as a bear walking the sidelines, nor are they currently sporting a professional cheerleading squad.

But the Bears do have an interesting history of untraditional cheerleaders, one of the most famous was a man known as “Rocky”, a middle aged person who roamed the stands with megaphone starting the late 1970’s and helped lead the crowd in cheering until the early 1990’s. Little is known about the man himself and “Rocky” may not even be his real name.

Around the same time, the Bears did form a professional cheerleading squad known as the “Honey Bears”. They were formed around 1977 and were sponsored by Bear legend George Halas, the retired Bear head coach. He vowed that the “Honey Bears” would exist as long as he was alive, two years after his passing the “Honey Bears” made their last appearance at Super Bowl XX where the Bears won their last NFL championship. Since then, there has been no official cheerleading squad for the Bears.

Currently, one of the most recognizable bear mascots is a fellow known as “Bearman”.  Don Wachter was a long time season ticket holder who began his cheerleading career in 1995 by running a large “Bear” flag across the field before the start of the home games. But he’s most famous for donning a stuffed bear head on top of his noggin as sort of a helmet and being heavily photographed during the games. He has appeared in numerous commercials and today sits in his North side seat and even travels to many away games irritating the opposing crowds with his unique get up.

At, you can find the best bear mascotsthat will match your team colors and promote the good team spirit that is so needed to support your home team.

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Mascots have a big role to play in any event or social gathering. For example schools and sports teams have a lucky mascot which is always carted around and displayed in a prominent place. A lucky mascot can be anything and animals such as tigers and bulldogs have been known to be a good luck charm.

Any school will have a mascot that typically represents its vision and philosophy and all that it stands for. Mascots are motivating factors for students and bind them together. It is like the school uniform which represents the institution without any division in color or creed for those wearing it. It is the reason why High School Mascot Costumes work well for schools. They represent everything that the school stands for.

Additionally, Mascots are the unification power for events in schools which calls for unity amongst all students and teachers. The mascot is deemed to be the very image of the school and the High School Mascot Costumes is normally printed on all sportswear, yearbooks and other memorabilia. They are likewise shown in all work places and where students usually gather such as resting rooms and exercise centers.

It is normal to have a costumed mascot throughout inter-school competitions as a lucky charm for the participants. The mascots act as the main cheer leader for a school and motivate the students in giving off their best. On all these occasions, mascots have a great role to play. You will also find mascots on the dance floor and entertaining the gathering with comical pitches and gymnastic poses to spur the group towards winning an event. High School Mascot Costumes of schools are generally animals such as panthers, hawks, tigers and bulldogs.

Fly By Wearing Eagle Mascot Costumes


Eagles are known for their big size, excellent flying abilities and very good eyesight.  Most of us are aware of the fact that the eagles are fast and ferocious.  While understanding what the eagle is about helps to make a decision as whether you want to have an eagle for your mascot costume or not.  This costume is used wherever the theme demands this mighty bird.

For a period of 40 years, the bald eagle has been considered as an endangered animal but until 2007 eagle was removed from this list. It became one of the most adored and protected bird in North America with strict governmental to protect this bird.  This is the reason that eagles are selected for mascot costume in most schools as it displays a sign of heart and pride.

While looking for an option to buy eagle mascot costumes, you will notice lots of shops to choose from.  With the increased demand of mascot costumes, you can also buy any type of mascot costumes online as well.  Online stores display images of their stock mascot costumes but you can always order customized mascot costumes.  Each costume offered by online stores differ from others in facial expressions and color.  Most of the mascot costumes look crazy but it graces the occasion.  When it comes to choose the best eagle mascot costumes then give all your efforts to find something unique that helps you to get the real eagle look.

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Mascot costumes play a major role in all types of sporting events at both amateur level and professional level.  You will come across different types of mascot costumes ranging from panther mascot costumes, dinosaur mascot costumes, crocodile mascot costumes, etc.  As more and more people are using mascots it is becoming harder to select a good character costume that is of good quality material and makes you stand apart from the competitor’s mascot.  Now a days, mascots are used not only to entertain the crowd but acts as a real inspiration for the players in different tournaments for all different ages.  For this, everybody is on the lookout for the appropriate costumes that play an important role to attract maximum buyers.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that all types of mascot costumes are similar as you can buy or hire anyone from any store offering costumes.  But this is not true as although the costumes may look similar, the difference in quality as well as design and customization plays an important role to give the ultimate look.

If you are looking for a store to buy panther mascot costumes or any other type of mascot costumes then remember and understand that an ordinary store will offer you just a few common mascot costumes like that of a lion, crocodile or other fancy costume.  Panther mascot costumes are used by many college and school events as panther is recognized as a big cat used for the same reason as tiger who is ready to attack and fierce.

Mascots represent the team for which they are the mascot.  Mascots should look like as the mascot of a particular club as any team would not wear generic uniforms.  Choosing the right supplier helps in the process of choosing and purchasing mascot costumes that make sense and help motivate the cherished team and enjoy amazing performances on and off the field and to increase the grace of any occasion.

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Many events, usually sports, have mascots that are full of energy and enthusiasm.  They get the crowd excited, which gets the team into the game.  They have the ability to bring more fun and joy to a game than cheerleaders do and, even if a person is not into the game, every person gets into what is happening when there is a mascot.  Of course, mascot costumes do not simply appear out of nowhere, schools and teams must buy them.  Sites like Team-Mascots exist to give those looking for costumes a choice.  There are many available on the site, and in many different forms, so every school and team can find something that is fitting for them.

Having the mascot stand out, and in a way that people will like, is what gets people more interested in a game.  Mascots like the Phillie Phanatic are perfect examples of what a mascot is and, really, should be.  They bring so much to a game and are remembered and loved for it all for years to come.  The Phillie Phanatic is one of the most recognizable mascots there is.  Even if a person is not interested in sports in the least, there is a high chance they have heard of him.  He has been on several television shows, has been talked about just about everywhere, and is even named the best mascot by more than one publication.  Those looking to be mascots will usually use him as a guide, sort of a “how to” on getting the crowd into the game.  While there are many mascots out there, he is one that people connect to in several different ways, which is what makes him such a unique and lovable mascot.  Some people may recognize the Phanatic from The Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, and several other well-known and popular television shows.  So many do enjoy the mascot costumes and their intriguing appearances, but the Phanatic proves that the person underneath can make everything in a game.  Of course, it takes a lot of effort and time to be like the Phanatic.

After you have the mascot costumes ready for the person, they need to embody everything the character is supposed to be.   No matter what it is that specific character does, the person in the costume must know how to act that way, plus so much more.  No mascot can do their job without the right costume.  When people see a mascot, they want somebody who looks like what they are supposed to be, not a regular man or woman.

The quality and appearance matter when buying a costume because, otherwise, you are left with something cheap, messy, and boring, which no one wants to see.  Getting a crowd into the game, excited, and ready for more requires a mascot capable of doing their job.  The number one thing for a good mascot is a good costume.  Mascot costumes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, so getting the right one is necessary. Team-Mascots can help any school or teamget their own mascot into shape with the right costume.

What Is A School Mascot?



Team spirit, luck, and entertainment are the important reasons why school mascots continue to be a part of our high schools even today.  An interesting thing to understand is that a mascot is no longer confided to a school alone.  There are an increasing number of sports teams, military establishments, and even brands, who are making use of mascots.  So, what is a mascot?  And how relevant are they today?  Put simply, a mascot is an object, animal or a person, and is usually associated with luck over the years.  A mascot essentially gives a symbol and a sense of identity to an establishment.

Who can forget the awesome times when a school mascot brought cheer and laughter to us?  Whether it is a school team, cheerleaders or a team mascot, mascots continue to carry forward the tradition of a school down memory lane.  Even an accidental look on a picture of the mascot brings back the nostalgia for the awesome school days.  Once a school decides upon a mascot, appropriate school mascot costumes are made available to the children.  These school mascot costumes come in a variety of shapes and size and are easily available.

Interestingly enough, even brands are embracing a brand mascot to increase visibility in today’s competitive scenario. Who can ignore a large figure standing in bright clothes?  Kids are especially drawn towards these mascots and are easily drawn towards people wearing a mascot costumes. Whether it is brand marketing or high school, the word mascot does bring a lot of cheer and hope in us.

Selecting a Mascot Costume for your school.

Sports are an important part of life for many people.  The majority of teams will have their own mascot whether they are in grade school, all the way up to college levels, semi-pro teams and professional teams.  When the teams want to create a new mascot costume character, they want something enticing that will “wow” the crowds.

For lower level grade and high school, it is important for the students to have a say in picking out the mascot that will represent them.  Parents, administration, or booster organizations can host competitions between classes or individual students for anything from picking the mascot’s name to picking the type of mascot character itself. 

School committees can always decide to look for ideas on the internet if they are having difficulties reaching a decision.  Online resources are a great tool to help with brainstorming new ideas. 

When you have decided on a character and start shopping around for one, it is important that you choose a reputable company.  Reputable companies will have warranties that will cover your mascot for a minimum of 30 days, some even as long as 90-100 days.  They also use quality materials for the construction of the costumes, be leery of merchandise manufactured overseas as quite often the cheap price comes with cheap materials. has been in the sporting goods industry for over 25 years and has an untarnished reputation when it comes to quality goods and customer service.  They have a wide selection of mascot costumes to choose from and GUARANTEE the lowest prices.  Call them today for assistance in getting a mascot costume for your school that is second to none.